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What to do in Galveston for the Christmas Season

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Dickens on the Strand, Rent a Replica 1908 Model-T and Tour Galveston is Style

Historic Galveston Island has so much to offer visitors. Many envision Galveston as merely a summer get-away. However, December's climate can be quite enjoyable. There is no better way to escape the holiday stress than to spend a few days stepping back in time and taking in all the festivities of the Victorian era as it was in the late 1800s.

Start Dickens outright by renting a Replica 1908 Model-T Electric Cart from Carriage Haus Rentals. These environmentally friendly Replica 1908 Model T’s are fun, meticulously cleaned after each use, astonishingly quiet, and are the best way to see Historic Galveston Island. They are even equipped with the “crowd favorite” Ahooga Horns!

A Carriage Haus white replica Model-T cart on a Galveston pier with a replica tall ship behind it

Now you are ready to enjoy Galveston Island in style! The Galveston Historic Foundation hosts Dickens on the Strand the first weekend of December each year. Events start on the first Friday of each December. Dickens After Dark, Holiday Handbell Concert and The Dickens Soiree are three events that occur on Fridays. The Holiday Handbell Concert(s) are held at the beautiful 1859 St Joseph Church. Multiple performance times are available. The Dickens Soiree provides a wonderful setting at 1892 Bishop’s Palace. Live music, performances, food, and wine are provided. Your Carriage Haus Rental Replica 1908 Model-T will get you around effortlessly with easy parking and plenty of space for the whole family.

Prepared for a full day of Saturday. Start your morning at A Dickens Breakfast at the famed Ashton Villa. If you eat too much and need a “pick me up”, have no fear, head to the 1877 Tall Ship ELISSA and have Tea With Captains Wife while the ELISSA crew are busy working the sails of this majestic ship.

Since the ELISSA is within walking distance to The Strand, hit The Strand and visit the vendors, including the Downtown Galveston businesses. Lots to see and great Christmas shopping is available at fro any price range. You might also want to do St Arnold’s Walking Tour and learn some history of The Strand National Historic Landmark District. You will be given tokens redeemable for a pint of beer when participating in this tour!

Dancers in a parade for Dickens On the Strand

Dickens After Dark is a “Secret Event” where attendees are unaware of the location until after they purchase their tickets. Hint- it’s within Dickens on the Strand grounds. This event is full of revelry, entertaining performances, and delicious drinks. This event is also available on Friday nights as well.

If you are still going by Sunday, make plans to crawl, stroll, walk or run in The Dickens Dash. Don’t fret. This is not a timed race. It is more of a way for folks to stroll around and show off their Victorian duds much like they might have done on a Sunday back in the Victorian era. This is at 10:00 AM. I do not know if this replaces the fun bed races they used to have. Perhaps this is incorporated somehow but I’m not sure.

A wonderful ending to a Dickens weekend might be to tour historic homes in one of the Carriage Haus Rentals Replica 1908 Model-T electric carts (golf cart). The open-air ride and measured pace help one experience historic Galveston at its finest! Carriage Haus rentals have a couple of Self-Guided tour maps available free of charge.

No excuses to be sitting at home on the couch wondering what Dickens on the Strand is like, what to do in Galveston or what Historic Galveston has to offer.

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