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Three Carriage Haus replica Model-T carts on a Galveston pier

Buy A Model-t Cart of Your Own!

In our devoted love for this historic and vibrant city we call Galveston, Carriage Haus Rentals is proud to provide a prototype of the famed 1908 Ford Model-T. This golf cart vehicle truly pays homage to Henry Ford, retaining much of his noble and charming vision. Now, you bring home a replica Model-T golf cart of your very own! Specialing in used and new carts, you can ride around your own hometown in vintage style and charm.


Used 5-Seater

Loved by Galveston, this Replica Model-T Golf Cart comfortably sits 5 people. Electric powered - our Carriage Haus Rental cart is looking for a good home with you. Call for Used 8-Seater Prices!


New 5-Seater

Now - you order and drive your very own new Model-T Replica Golf Cart! Homage to the classic design by Ford, this electric powered golf cart can comfortably seat 5 guests and is perfect for bringing unique vintage charm and style to your own neighborhood.

A Carriage Haus white replica Model-T cart on a Galveston pier

New 8-Seater

As with the charming 5-Seater Model-T Cart, the new 8-seater model is perfect for entertaining party guests, family, and friends any day of the year. Order your cart today to get the party started!

Lead-Acid: Sold Out
Lithium: $ 13,500.00

Lead-Acid: $14,200.00
Lithium: $16,100.00

Lead-Acid: $15,100.00
Lithium: $17,400.00


Prices above for new units include customs clearance, duties, freight from China to Galveston and assembly.

Excludes state sales tax and shipping to final destination.

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