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Dark Tourism: Finding Halloween Haunts on Haunted Galveston Island

With its rich and ongoing history, it’s no surprise that Galveston Island has its fair share of haunted homes, ghosts, and skeletons in its closet. With the rise of dark tourism in recent years, many people want to flock to frightful and haunted destinations both near and far. Here in haunted Galveston, the island invites everyone to experience the Galveston ghosts, haunted homes, and ventures in dark tourism both around Halloween and long after. If you’re looking for frightful fun this season - you’ve come to the right place!

What is Dark Tourism?

Dark Tourism is defined as tourism centered around tourism involving travel to places historically associated with death, destruction, and tragedy. Popular places involving dark tourism include, but aren’t limited to, prisons, cemeteries, abandoned hospitals, or closed asylums. Buildings and locations involved in dark tourism vary in states of maintenance and repair, but no one can doubt the chill one gets walking into empty buildings or quiet rooms. Haunted homes, especially, hold a lingering personality for those who visit. Here in haunted Galveston, all sorts of Galveston ghosts linger in their historic homes, high-class hotels, and pristine palaces.

Galveston Ghosts

With the surge of the 1900 Storm, the entirety of Galveston Island was made into a dark tourism destination. Landing in Texas, it had become a Category 4 hurricane with winds of up to 145mph. In the end, the storm left between 6,000 and 12,000 fatalities in its wake and remains the deadliest natural disaster in US history. On harborside, the 1897 building that served as a makeshift morgue now houses a haunted house attraction: Haunted Mayfield Manor. On the seawall, Grand Galvez hotel hosts many guests that checked in but never checked out. Sightings at this location include dishes and utensils moving in the restaurant, apparitions of figures throughout the halls, sounds of children’s laughter, and the legend of the mid-century ghost bride whose wedding never came to be. Throughout the rest of the island, Galveston ghosts frequent many haunted homes and manors that both weathered the 1900 Storm and afterward. If you find yourself lingering along the Texas coast, dare to visit haunted Galveston any time of the year.

Carriage Haus’ The Spooky Galveston Ghost Tour

Whether it is or isn’t Halloween, ghost tours offer a unique experience for frightful fun! Brave tourists looking for dark tourism opportunities can find their next frightful adventure with Carriage Haus’ Spooky Galveston Ghost Tour. With The Spooky Galveston Ghost Tour, you, your guide, and your friends and family will see the city’s most haunted buildings from the safety of a Carriage Haus 1908 Model-T replica electric golf cart. Providing photo opportunities driven by a Certified Tourism Ambassador tour guide, this private, 2-hour tour offers a paranormal experience unlike any other on the island. Through these haunted homes full of history and intrigue, Galveston ghosts are waiting for you!

OK! I’m Ready to Visit Haunted Galveston!

If you want to give dark tourism a try – Halloween time or not – Carriage Haus offers rentals and tours for your next frightful delight. Give us a call at (409) 572-9797 or book online for your next tour today.

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